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Featured on Global News Toronto!

The Win: Giving new life to old coffee cups In Episode 4 of OLG’s The Win, Liem Vu talked to Ian Chandler of Carbon Neutral Shredding who tackled one of the biggest problems in waste – making disposable coffee cups recyclable. ...


Congratulations FLODRAULIC! First pick up of 400 cups!

First pick-up of about 400 coffee cups at FLODRAULIC in Georgetown. A longstanding client of Carbon Neutral Shredding, Lisa took on the job of starting and managing the collection of cups. So congratulations Lisa…you’re making a difference in the Carbon footprint of your workplace! ...

401 Richmond

Congratulations 401 RICHMOND! 2000 cups in a month!

First of month, 401 Richmond gets their shredding/coffee cup collector’s “harvested”. July’s yield about 2000 cups along with paper for shredding. Fantastic participation by tenants and their employees. An iconic, re-claimed building by Urbanspace Property . Way to go 401 Richmond community!   ...

coffee cups can be recycled

Coffee Cups CAN be recycled!

Huffington Post published a misleading article as to why coffee cups aren’t recyclable and here is the link:…/coffee-cups-recycling-plast… For starters, cups are made from highest quality bleached kraft and of course food grade. Hardly what you describe as cardboard. Suggesting the cups liner might be wax means no ...