StackitNow is a creation of Ian Chandler, owner of Carbon Neutral Shredding, and it is a brand new and innovative paper coffee cup recycling service. We offer coffee cup recycling in Toronto and the GTA for coffee shops, offices,  food courts, cafeterias, schools, churches, basically any  establishment that produces coffee cup waste. Clients are both environmentally conscious and determined  to cut their garbage disposal bill.

We developed a coffee cup recycling program that works, is free to our shredding customers  and for anyone else, its a fee-for-service arrangement.

Cups are shredded and co-mingled with confidential office waste. The result is a satisfactory product which paper mills have no difficulty recycling into tissue products.

Who stacks the cups?

Our system is simple. We engage the consumer in the stacking process. Plastic lids are removed and the result is clean paper cups without food or other garbage. We manufacture the Stackers(TM) ourselves and supply them at cost.

The Coffee Cup Coalition

What it is: A Coalition for combined action, in this case for the collection and recycling of coffee cups dispersed throughout our communities.

Why is a Coalition necessary? Coffee cups become waste within the coffee selling environment (easy to collect) but most walk out the door to become widely dispersed, ending up in municipal or privately collected garbage.

The only practical solution is to engage like-minded individuals to collect the widely dispersed cups .

The real challenge is to collect them to one of many centralized points from where the accumulated cups are picked up and recycled. We call that a “HUB”.

What is the goal: Ultimately to eliminate coffee cups from landfill while recovering a valuable resource.

Who can be part of the Coalition?  There is no restriction on who can participate, be it individuals, groups, coffee shops, property managers, schools, churches, municipalities; the list is endless.

Who facilitates the collection and recycling of coffee cups? Carbon Neutral Shredding (CNS) is a privately owned business that has been picking up and recycling coffee cups since 2011 throughout the GTA.

How it works: Using a local church as an example, the church’s “Green Team” becomes part of the Coalition and encourages congregation members to collect whatever cups they can, returning them to a collection point, or “HUB” at the church from where Carbon Neutral Shredding will collect.

Who pays for the collection?


This depends on two factors, the first being whether collection is combined with a CNS shredding service. In that case collection is usually done for free.

When there is no shredding service, a fee for service and a charge per bag of cups  applies.

How do you join the Coffee Cup Coalition? E-mail , fill in the contact form or call 416-445-7157

We look forward to hearing from you.

Stack it Now, owner Ian Chandler, in his truck with shredded coffee cups.


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