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About StackitNow

StackitNow is a creation of Ian Chandler, owner of Carbon Neutral Shredding, a carbon neutral paper shredding company that is committed to sustainability.

We conceived the idea that a working commercial truck could be built running on 99% Waste Vegetable Oil and then we did it! Our trucks run on Waste Vegetable Oil, a by-product of the food preparation industry, which makes both our paper shredding and our coffee cup recycling services carbon neutral.

Our commitment to provide environmentally sustainable services to the community is also our passion. Being in the recycle industry  since 1993 we have been aware of the difficulty recycling coffee cups, and that city recycling programs cannot recycle them presently. StackitNOW is a service, arriving at a time when the realization that literally hundreds of billions of waste coffee cups are choking already choked landfill sites. We wanted to be part of the solution and offer a service to environmentally conscious businesses that could divert coffee cups from land-fields.

With the help of business owners and the consumer we devised a stacking system that facilitates the removal of lids and other contaminants in a simple way that takes seconds! Staked coffee cups are then picked up and shredded. The shredded cups are then co-mingled with shredded confidential papers. The result is a satisfactory product which paper mills have no difficulty recycling into tissue products.

StackitNOW provides a simple opportunity for the collection of coffee cups, without a lid, liquid contamination or co-mingling of garbage.

waste vegetable oil
Stack it Now, owner Ian Chandler, in his truck with shredded coffee cups.
bagged coffee cups
coffee cup shredder
shredded coffee cups

These cups are almost entirely manufactured from extremely high-quality bleached kraft paper fibre with a one-sided liner of polyethylene (different from many cold drink cups lined both sides); definitely not wax.

As a paper grade, poly-lined paper is referred to as “polycote” for obvious reasons and is recycled at paper mills around the globe.

The problems with waste cups is briefly as follows. Like pellets from a shotgun, cups are dispersed widely and become costly to recover without active participation of the person with that cup. Collection systems traditionally are little more than a round hole which does nothing to guarantee the plastic lid is removed/garbaged, that liquid waste is minimal and that no co-mingling with other materials/plastics/food waste/garbage occurs.

Once contaminated, cups are not recyclable and costly manual sortation just isn’t viable or affordable.

StackitNOW directly engages the person with the cup, giving them the option to either participate in the solution or to be part of the problem. It’s really that simple.

StackitNOW relies on consumers to participate, establishments to facilitate collection and the enterprise owner to pay for the service.

Carbon Neutral Shredding provides the cup collection service, shredding, recycling, baling and shipping co-mingled cups and office waste to paper mills.