coffee cups can be recycled

Huffington Post published a misleading article as to why coffee cups aren’t recyclable and here is the link:…/coffee-cups-recycling-plast…

For starters, cups are made from highest quality bleached kraft and of course food grade. Hardly what you describe as cardboard.

Suggesting the cups liner might be wax means no one thought about hot liquid in a wax cup…

Then there’s the paper mill digester that takes a bale of paper and disintegrates it into 99% water and 1% paper fibres while magnetically removing metal and screening/centrifuging what isn’t paper.

The real issues are simple but each compounds the other. For example there’s the plastic lid to be removed, food or other waste jammed into the cup and always the co-mingling of cups with bottles, cans garbage.

And it seems humans love a round hole, like a wishing well, into which all manner of potentially recyclable items are dropped, wishing them to be, yes, recycled! is a solution to all these problems and is a service that effectively channels waste cups to be recycled at around 5 cents/cup.

Thanks for reading this. Ian Chandler